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Mobile barns

Mobile barns

Our mobile barn is a clearly configured poultry barn, including an integral feed silo, with optimum use of space in the barn, where tried and tested Fienhage aviaries (Easy 100 or litter nest) are installed.
All the advantages of this sophisticated aviary, such as its central protected egg conveyor, its ease of cleaning and manure removal, provide you with efficient working conditions. Coupled with perfectly balanced automation technology, which supports, controls, registers and regulates your day-to-day operation, this produces an overall package, which sustains your enthusiasm for animal husbandry and reduces the workload.

Advantages for the animals:

  • species-appropriate free range egg production
  • generous space in the barn
  • unrestricted access to the open air
  • fresh air, sunlight, activity and the changing seasons boost health and the immune system

Structural advantages:

  • on wheels, therefore mobile and moveable
  • short construction period and fast project completion
  • predictable construction costs
  • ready for immediate occupancy
  • modular construction – each module can be planned individually
  • compact
  • if necessary, the mobile barn can be resold
  • simple connection to fixed supply points (electricity and water)

Advantages for the farmer:

  • uses many years' experience of well-engineered, tried and tested technology
  • the mobile barn is suitable both for free range egg production and for organic hen rearing
  • integration of the easy 100 or aviaries with Fienhage litter nest
  • central, protected egg conveyor
  • simple manure removal by means of manure belts and manure auger
  • separate front service room for technology, storage and egg inspection
  • low daily workload
  • clearly laid out barn division
  • depending on model, there is space for 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 chickens
  • low maintenance costs



Technical advantages:

  • integral silo covers feed requirements for a minimum of 14 days
  • feed silo filled pneumatically
  • automatic silo weighing together with registration of all feed deliveries
  • integral weighing unit
  • automated wheat spreader (optional)
  • all control technology monitored in the mobile barn
  • fully automatic feeding, climate control, animal weighing, water registration and nest and light control
  • detailed, clearly laid out animal statistics for control of the flock
  • remote access to the barn computer via PC, iPhone, iPad, Android telephone or Windows phone.
  • optional total surveillance of the mobile barn with infra-red cameras, including hard disk recorder and remote access via PC, iPhone, iPad or Android telephone
  • if required, the barn can be ordered in an energy self-sufficient (smart solar and battery technology) version
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