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KL aviaries

KL aviaries

These aviaries are constructed as open multi-storey systems and offer the laying hens all the advantages of controlled, natural run-off. The system operator has the full control and overview which was possible only in closed systems until now. A well-designed modular barn concept. Our many years of experience have taught us that the correct layout and coordination of the individual items of equipment (feed, water, perches and laying nest) play a really decisive role in commercial success.

Since the barn is not always built around the equipment, the aviary systems can be matched to the features of the barn by means of a unique modular system.
The layout of the feeders, drinkers, nests, perches, lighting, etc. is individually tailored to the respective barn and the planned stock. The required hen run for the animals is located to the side of and beneath the aviary systems, which makes for efficient use of the barn. Aviary systems for laying hens make the work pleasant for the staff. The conceptual design of aviary systems offers farm workers an attractive working environment. The alleys into the systems are sufficiently wide but the animals can easily hop over them to reach other levels. The positioning of the laying nests offers the operator improved control:

  • open, natural multi-storey system
  • flexible system and efficient use of the barn
  • the highest hygiene standards
  • full control and overview of the system
  • maximum stock density for a reasonable workload
  • floor area of the barn = 100 % hen run
  • optional wire flooring or plastic residue flooring
  • chain feeding / spiral feeding
  • manure removal systems with cross or elevation conveyor belts
  • optional: manure drying channel, air mixer, centrifugal blower
  • lighting / climate control / ventilation systems
  • egg conveyors: 245 / 345 / 500
  • feed storage, feed weighing, feed transport
  • egg sorting / curved conveyor / elevator / lift systems / packer and printer
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